How to Dribble a Basketball and Master It Easily

Being good dribbler absolutely equates to being a good ball handler. It is one of most essential things of a basketball game. This is important not only for learning how to dribble but also when not or when to dribble. For the newbie, it probably will require lots of practices. Like the others basketball skills, how to dribble a basketball could be learned through the times effectively.

For those who want to know dribbling in the manner of both effective and easy, here is some useful tips of how to dribble a basketball for you.


How to Dribble a Basketball: The Eyes

One of common mistakes which are frequently committed by the beginners is looking at the balls when dribbling. While this probably is good as you play alone, it would be different cases as you are playing with the opponents. The eyes must be glued on the teammates and those from the defenses. If the eyes are stuck on balls, the possessions could be gained easily by the players on opposing teams.


How to Dribble a Basketball: The Fingers

The fingers must have solid grips toward the balls which are dribbled. If you allow the palms for controlling dribbling, the grips would be quite weaker. See to it that the fingers would be able to feel the balls as keeping them firm.


How to Dribble a Basketball: The Proper Bounces

This how to dribble a basketball techniques are truthfully one of most essential points which must be learned by the newbie. As the ball is kept bouncing at the waist levels, you would be able for demonstrating much better controls as well as easier to move. Once you mastered this technique, you could start how to dribble a basketball at lower positions as well as at angled position when ensuring that the balls would be kept at your positions.


How to Dribble a Basketball: Versatility

Mostly, the beginners start to learn dribble with the use of only one hand. As this could be good, you eventually should increase the difficulties and work on learning how to dribble a basketball specifically to switch from left to right hand when you are dribbling the balls. You should also learn to do dribbling between the legs. It would make you more skillful and creative. However, you should remember that dribbling by using two hands at the proper times will create double dribble violations.


How to Dribble a Basketball: Running

In the actual basketball game, you would create the violations of traveling as you fail to dribble the balls as you take about 3 or more steps. It means that you have to practice the skill of dribbling not only on the stationary positions but also as you are running. It is actually one of trickiest parts for mastering as you would need to learn the coordination between legs and hands. Make sure also that the eyes are still in controls.

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How to Dribble a Basketball: Shifting the Momentum of Body

The momentum and weight of the bodies must not remain stable. This must changes as you are dribbling and moving. The directions of momentum must be to the spot where the balls are headed. This would also provide you with the powers which are needed to have the balls controlled and handled.


How to Dribble a Basketball: Take the Controls Toward the Balls

In a basketball game, controls are one of the critical things specifically as you are dribbling. You must dribble with sufficient forces for keeping the balls at the proper heights. However, with too much force, the balls could bounce in different directions and the others player probably will find it easier for snatching the balls from your possessions. Those are some basics you should master when learning the techniques of how to dribble a basketball. Hopefully, these tips are useful for you.


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