Prince Tour 100 Review, Specification and Price

Racquet is an important part in tennis that determines almost everything. Besides skill, player needs to use appropriate racquet to reach utmost ability. One of recommended products is Prince Tour. In this article, you will get Prince Tour 100 review from two major aspects.

Firstly, it starts from technical specifications such as length, weight, balance point, etc. Those parts are crucial to know because tennis racquet has specific rule regarding measurement and size. Second aspect is about capability such as groundstrokes, topspin, volleys, etc. They relates to skill and different from one player to another. However, the majority of objection will be fair.

Prince Tour 100 Review and Specification


Technical Specifications

Length 27.0 inches 69 centimeters
Head Size 100 square inches 645 square centimeters
Weight 11.5 ounces 326 grams
Balance Point 12.65 inches
32 centimeters
7pts Head Light
Construction 18.5mm / 20mm / 18.5mm
Composition Graphite
String Pattern 16 Mains / 18 Crosses

Material and Design

This racquet has several variants, but mostly they are similar in material and design. First variant is called 16×18 with length 270 inches or 69 centimeters. The aea of head size has 100 square and the weight is 326 grams or 1.5 ounces. Tennis racquet has balance point and this one is 32 centimeters. The base material is graphite and the string pattern is 16 mains with 18 crosses. Now, you know where 16×18 comes from its string pattern.

Another model in Prince Tour 100 is 18×20 variant. As you know, this model has string pattern with 18 mains and 20 crosses. Overall size is similar to previous one with length of 27 inch and the head size is 100 square inches. One of difference is the weight that reaches 332 grams. It is heavier than a 16×18 model.

Why one racquet does have more string pattern than another does? This composition will influence player when playing. This is product for professional, so the string pattern is much important when player requires strong hit or defend baseline. As you know, tennis is exhausting sport, especially for beginner. Lack of grip on racquet will affect the rest of game. You cannot afford to rely on bad product.  That’s why Prince Tour 100 review is necessary for you to understand the technical specs of product before purchasing.

The Capability

Now, it is time to explore capability as part of Prince Tour 100 review. Overall score for testing shows significant result at number and more favorable. This racquet uses string pattern with strong and tight capability. Players are able to swing the ball easily but they can still control the balance of their grip at hand. The handler is also flexible and not very dense due to top-grade frame. From this part, you can expect player to stand at court without losing much energy. As mentioned above, racquet acts as conjunction to expose the real ability of players.

Tennis player uses serve which returns as crucial moment. Good serve leads to high possibility to get score. Excellent serve is definite proof of player skill to collect score. When you play against strong opponent, the only way to control game is the serve return. Excellent serve return will increase the chance to get more score. Actually, both sides contribute significantly and cannot be ignored as part of Prince Tour 100 review. This racquet creates less spin when doing serve at first game. Moreover, Prince Tour is suitable for beginner due to user-friendly frame.  For serve return, this one is good choice when player needs an easy control to reach anywhere. Basically, player can control overall game at good state.

The Price

prince tour 100 review

How much is this racquet? The price is different from one variant to other. You may need at least $79 for 16×18 and around $99 for 18×20. With such price, you will get top quality and high capability racquet to play tennis anytime and anywhere.


  • Good comfort, power, and durability
  • spin-friendly
  • Excellent on groundstrokes and returns


  • a little to soft
  • weak in the volley

In addition, read technical specs before deciding to buy it at store. Most importantly, visit official or license store to get original products. Well, all of the basic information are already explored in Prince Tour 100 review.

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